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Greve in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, Querciagrossa, represent real complex ecosystems.
The soils are unique, with a medium clay texture and rich in marl and limestone. The altitude range is 300-500 m.a.s.l.

Dense woods, whose biodiversity contributes to our productive uniqueness, surround the vineyards. The wood, along with the hosting of numerous different animal and plant species, represents a natural barrier, a water reserve, a temperature mitigating and contributes significantly to the quality of our grapes in harmony with natural processes.

Our vineyards farming has always been carried out following the integrated pest management and we are now in the process of certified biological conversion, in order to support our continuous commitment to the environment.

In this ecosystem, Man, who must be able to interpret it and at the same time respect it, also represents an important role. This is why we follow and work personally in all the viticultural operations: pruning, stripping, binding until harvest, with the aim of obtaining healthy, ripe grapes with a strong territorial identity.


For our family the harvest represents the synthesis of our work in the vineyard, the result of a year of effort and dedication in the cultivation of our vineyards.

Thanks to a passionate and meticulous observation and respect of the interaction between the nature of the territory and the specific characteristics of the vineyards, today we know our plants as if they were our sons. We know every part of them, every characteristic, every facet and every talent.

With the aim of respecting and enhancing this extraordinary uniqueness, we harvest the grapes at different times.

It is a “parcel” harvest: only by dividing the harvesting periods according to the vineyard, the variety, the elevation and the exposure it is possible to capture the multiple peculiarities of our terroirs, managing to obtain more territorial and varieties identities, which will then characterize our products.

Hence the birth of the two lines, Chioccioli and Altadonna.

Ours is a rigorously handmade harvest: the collection takes place in small boxes carefully filled with a few bunches of grapes. Brought to the estate center, the grapes rest for at least one night in a cold storage until they reach 8°C to maintain their freshness and fragrance.

At this point they are ready to give their best and turn into the great wines we produce.